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Dr. Rajiiv Nagar

Dr. Rajeev Nagar have done an extensive research in the field of homeopathy and evolve an unprecedented system to select one medicine for an individual patient, the medicine which have power to cure all the disease that patient has or may have (even in future).


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Now a day most of women in this situation undergo surgery to remove uterus,ovary,breast.obviously such surgery can not bring about a cure rather.this is like trying to cure a headache by cutting off head .the loss of important gland makes a woman sexually neuter and bring about great changes in body and mind .different mental disorder appear .and often the woman goes ... Read More..

URL Redirection

URL Redirection

... Read More..
99% problems are due displacement of uterus

Symptoms heavy feeling in abdomen, difficulty in defecating

 and urinating.anaemia.while leucorrhoea,

pain in backend waist pain, pain like a pa ... Read More..

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Homeopathy Research & Hospital:-
Welcome To Homeopathy Research & Hospital best treatment by Dr.Rajeev Nagar We have cured chronic & incurable diseases which are not cured in other medicine systems like Wheat Allergy, Cancer, Breast Cancer, Liver Cancer, Thyroid abnormalities, Asthma, Mental Disease Rhinitis, Allergies etc.NO TREATMENT IS BETTER THAN HOMEOPATHY.

Major Disease
* All disorders in children:-
* celiac disease:-
* chronic disease:-
* gas acidity/fatty liver/appendicitis/pile:-
* allergy rhinitis/athma/tonsilitis/nasal polyp:-
* pimples /acne /dark circle/spots:-
* headache:-
* others:-
* urine disorder:-
* skin problem:-
* rheumatism arthritis:-
* mental disease:-
* female problem:-
* fever:-
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