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Dr. Rajeev Nagar

Dr. Rajeev Nagar`s Guru ji had done an extensive research in the field of homeopathy and evolved an unprecedented system to select one medicine for an individual patient, the medicine which have power to cure all the disease that patient has or may have (even in the future).

Many homeopathy practitioners get easily deviated from the basic principle of homeopathy “Cure the Patient Not the Disease” and they start prescribing bi-combination medicine to cure disease but Dr Rajeev has proved that medicine for any disease varies from patient to patient which is an extension of the great MANTRA of Homeopathy “cure the patient but not the disease”.

This whole principle is based on very simple rules of nature. Like from a plant seed, leaves, thorns, flowers, fruit comes out during its development in the same way behind every visible part of plant there is seed just like this. If we identify the root causes by surveying the patient symptoms meticulously, we can conclude the most appropriate medicine. For that patient, we can arrive at that accurate medicine easily by applying Dr. Rajeev Nagar`s Guri ji technique for medicine selection for an individual.

According to Dr. Rajeev there is a particular path, a disease follows to manifest its symptoms which comes from causal body to mental body from where it enters into Physical body to show symptoms. Although the disease is one but its symptoms are many and from symptoms one can take the course of path and reach to conclusive medicine to treat the patient. Same modus operandi has to be followed to other patients

Dr. Rajeev have used all concepts of his beloved and honourable Guruji [Teacher] Late Dr. M.P. Jain and his great research experience and getting wonderful results for years while treating chronic or incurable diseases like Cancer, Breast Cancer, Liver Cancer, Thyroid abnormalities, Asthma, Mental Disease Rhinitis, Allergies etc.

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