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Homeopathy First Aid kit

Homeopathy first aid kit –The present trend of public psychology is to get everything readymade across the counter or even delivered at home .although we do not approve of patient homeopathic medicines ,combination and mixtures with proprietary trade labels advertising the same to be useful for this or that disease .

Although there are various type of first –aid kit for military and civil purposes     such type of homeopathy first –aid kit would be more useful for wider range of accidental and other common ailments and would show comparatively much better results than the allopathic first-aid kit

So on the basis of 15 years our vast experienced we introduced first –aid kit .

1 .Aconite 30 shock, fright, anxiety, high fever, restlessness, cough cold, pain

2 .Arnica mon.30 any hard part injury ,cuts ,wounds, sprains, and bruised pain .

3.cal.phos 6x,nat mure 6x,&kali phos 6x combination tablets brain, nerve, tissue tonic heart failure even collapse .

4.ferrum proto oxalate 1x,2x and china 3  for (blood bank )weakness hemorrhage

5.hypericum  30 hard part injury

6.ledum pal 30  tetanus  pointed injury

7. symphytum 30 fractures

8.nux vomica 200   loose motion colic pain

9. carbo veg 1M collapse ,breathlessness ,(oxygen cylinder

10.ipecacuanha 30 Nausea

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