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Symptoms –Tearing pain in the disease region, a very intolerant temperament ,Hypersensitivity to       weakness and nausea ect. Are the main symptoms of this disease in the preliminary stage of disease patient dose not suffer from much pain so in the beginning the disease is generally overlooked.

CAUSE  Cancer is a disease of whole body as well as a triodos’aga  disease (Invrting  diturbance of  Vayu ,Pitta,Kapha- Psora Sycosis,Syphilis.)

The disease is combine effects of many different factors,

It is ordinary observed that persons who suffer from constipation as a result of violating health rules and who like wise lazy lack self  restraint sleep during the day and keep late night are most likely to be attacked by Cancer.

When due to constipation ,Blood and muscle fiber become worn out by the contaminated digestive fluid of  the body and contaminated air produced by them cancer set in part of internal organs of people who are extremely self indigent become weak and as a result of the attrition of shukra that blood lose its vitality when such peoples eat too large quantity of non–Vega  food  that blood turn ACIDIC and disease gradually break out in the weaker part of their  body

With those people who shun physical labour but take acidic food chills or Intoxicants especially TOBACOO and similar things there is very possibility that the disease will attack

Treatment- We select holistic medicine  on the basic of present ,past symptoms in his body and take family  history also . that medicine helps  to rearrange his all disturbance of his/her body gradually .in this order reduce acidity of blood and make liver function normally


  1. Should take more alkaline diet avoid acidic food
  2. Sun bath should be taken
  3. Sexual relation are to be strictly avoided
  4. Walking in open place
  5. Doing some physical labour

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